1. School daze…

  2. Another page done…I think. On to the next. Picture books are hard work. Bit different this. A bit serious. I suspect I’m overworking it. Judging by the amount of layers I am. Oh well….no time to change direction now! My next book will be bolder, I promise!!

  3. I’ve been in Tabor (Czeck rep.) this week, preparing a show alongside the super talented Alzbeta Skalova for the Tabook Festival. Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure to meet!

  4. Been working on a secret job lately which has been very unusual in that I was asked to basically do the opposite of anything I’ve ever done before.. (loose, “abstract”, no characters and little detail), in a medium I’d never tried (wood cut) in a colour way I’d never done (greens). How often does that happen? The client didn’t actually know what they wanted, so I had to go through weeks of trial and error. A bit frustrating, but I really enjoyed the wood cutting. Will defo explore this medium more in the future.. This is a screen shot of a different colour way than it will be….I like it though…

  5. This and That/Bits and Bobs

  6. The fruits of yesterdays labour. No computers involved!

  7. This’ll be in the Auction at JSA open studios in two weeks. Could be yours for a bargain!

  8. I did some editorial illustrations for the avant garde publication Golf Business magazine last week. (I’m sure you are all subscribers, right?)

  9. I’ve done the flyer for Jamaica Street Artists Open Studios this year.  It’s in 6 weeks. Better change gears and make some art then ey? 

  10. Work in progress y’all!

  11. Just got this beauty in the mail from Gestalten. I’m featured as one of only a handful of illustrators whose work is influenced by nature/outdoorsiness. Looks really intersting!( If they only knee what a couch potato I really am!)

  12. jambonbon:


    Fun collabo with Mr Bjørn Rune Lie - a pleasure and and honour to work with such great material.

    Illustration: Bjørn

    Animation: James

    My biker dude has come to life! Thanks so much James jambonbon!

  13. Another one that got away. A hat shop (??) this time, which I did about three years ago for Jonathan Ward’s “Home” project. It was cut to a template and had flaps that oped at the back…which revealed a bunch of hat-related nonsense… I wish hats would have a revival. A proper one, not just a hipster one.

  14. Never got round to posting this one last year…Shackleton’s Emporium!! It’s for the 2015 Peix calendar. I hardly do paintings anymore, but always enjoy doing these. The theme: “Dreamers, Suns and Dust of Stars”.

  15. Just catching up on the posting…. Here’s my new pattern design for Kauniste

    (Right. Lets see if this post goes to the right facebook page…Take 2 ….Hmmmm)